Tomorrow holds many opportunities, March On with us to find out what they are
What is March On?

We are a not-for-profit community giving people with a spinal cord injury the helping hand to get back into life. Our team of medical, allied health and lifestyle professionals will cater to your specific needs and work with you towards your personal goals. 

Our founder Stella Boyle was diagnosed as a C5 complete quadriplegic 16 years ago. Since then she has graduated from university with Honours in finance, become a Vice President of a major bank, travelled the world, learnt to walk again and is happily married to her husband David.


March On is Stella’s vision. Despite all odds, setbacks and people telling her she couldn’t and wouldn’t, Stella has been determined not to let her spinal cord injury stop her from living her life to the fullest. It is her goal to reach out to people with life changing spinal injuries and help them to achieve their dreams whatever they may be.


Having been through the process, Stella recognized that a holistic and flexible service was required. She has personally funded March On and associated programs to target this niche so you too can March On.

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