GET OUT AND HAVE FUN - Hurricane's Bar and Grill Darling Harbour

Best rack in town!

And did I mention their ribs are great too?

Once in the shopping centre, it's entirely flat. Inside the restaurant, not all tables are accessible, but their friendly waiters will always try to find you the best seat.

Parking is a nightmare around Darling Harbour, but taking a train to Townhall station or catching any of the Pyrmont busses will easily get you close enough to Hurricane's.

After that, simply follow the unmistakeable smoky BBQ smell and you'll find the restaurant with dozens of people waiting outside. An hour + waiting time is not unusual for any given night, so get ready to put your name down, then go for a walk or do some shopping to kill time.

Harbourside Shopping Centre has many great disabled toilets. They are big, clean and easy to find. Inside Hurricane's there is also a disabled toilet, however less user friendly, so if you can, get out of the restaurant and use the toilet in the shopping centre instead.

The toilet inside Hurricane's has a door with a self-closing hinge that opens into a narrow corridor. Which makes it hard to open on the way out.

Once inside, there are 2 cubicles, a M/F toilet on the right, and a wheelchair toilet on the left. The wheelchair toilet is always occupied, I don't blame people, there's otherwise only 1 toilet servicing 100+ people in that restaurant.

You have to wait in front of the basins in the common area while people keep opening the door behind you hitting the back of your chair. Otherwise the wheelchair toilet is fine. It's spacious, clean and has basic rails.

Hurricane's famous for their ribs, pork, beef, lamb, take your pick. If you can't decide, get half and half or better still, a meat platter! You can't fault the good, but at $50 a rack, not everyone thinks it's best value for money.

Come on a Saturday night, get a table by the window so you can enjoy the free fireworks at 9pm. Quite romantic really, and if your date loves the mess and is happy to get their hands dirty, they’re definitely a keeper!

It's a shame the toilet set up isn't quite right, but with near perfect access and fabulous food, it is easily a 4/5.


Phone: (02) 9211 2210

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