GET OUT AND HAVE FUN - El Loco Surry Hills

Mexican food, like its culture, is fun, vibrant, and relaxed. Situated in the middle of Surry Hills, El Loco is all of the above and more.

Get yourself to Central Station on one of Sydney's brilliant wheelchair accessible public transports then you are pretty much a short walk away from Surry Hills. If you are feeling lazy, there are a few buses that will drop you right around the corner from El Loco. Be sure to check out 131500 to plan your trip.

El Loco is part of the Excelsior Hotel. An old pub, with very reasonable wheelchair access.

There are a bunch of outdoor tables, perfect for a beautiful summer’s night. If you choose to sit outside next to the bushes and flowers, make sure you have lots of mozzie repellent. I learnt that the hard way.

If you want to go inside, there is a small side door on Foveaux street that has a tiny little step, I could get in there in a powerchair with no problem at all, it would be even easier for manual chair users.

The pub is all flat inside, very old school, charming and unassuming.

There's a basic accessible bathroom in the pub which is big enough for most wheelchairs, it even has a small rail on the wall, but frankly the railing design is not the best I've seen. However, if you are planning to go nuts in a pub with a group of mates, even a basic toilet could be God sent, especially once you break the seal.

If you are a para, problem solved. But if you are a quad, you'll have a slight issue with the toilet. The toilet has a sliding door, and on it there is this tiny little metal flap you need to be able to pinch and turn in order to lock the door. It's small enough to be a challenge even for able bodied that had a few too many. So if you need to use the toilet, you may need to get a mate to guard the door for you. Problem solved!

The food at El Loco is amazing, tasty, clean and very reasonably priced. You have all the basics like a great variety of tacos and tortias, as well as impressive looking salads topped with a mountain of crispy tortilla strips and fluffy as clouds, shaved cheese.

Even though the bathroom door needs improving, overall the access is awesome given the old pub they have to work with. Food is great, atmosphere even better 3/5 for the place 5/5 for their efforts!


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