Love your big fat Greek family feast? Can't be bothered cooking? You need to try The Athenian.

Hearty Greek food in the city, convenient, friendly service and very yummy!

Athenian Statue

Situated on Barrack St right across George Street from Martin Place, the Athenian is super easy to get to. But try using public transport, because parking is terribly expensive around here. There are plenty of accessible busses around with Wynyard station really close as well.

If you come through Wynyard, make sure you use the disabled toilet before getting out of the station. The Athenian is in a heritage listed building, so there is no accessible bathroom unfortunately.

As you walk past the beautiful old buildings on Barrack street you'll see this stunning Athena statue, there is our restaurant!

Don't worry about the few steps at the front door, there's an alternative entrance. Ask one of the waiters to open the side door to the right of the main entrance, you'll find it easy to get into the main dining hall through a fully ramped door.

The inside of the restaurant is beautifully decorated with big white columns and there are always big groups of Greek families eating out here on the weekend.

Side Entrance

The restaurant is fully licensed, and the waiters are not afraid to tell you which wines on the list are simply not worth the money.

Now this is the best part! The food! Home made dips, fresh warm flatbread, and never walk out without trying their roast lamb with eggplant. Absolutely devine and totally to die for!

So bring all your friends and family, come and share a happy meal in the city! Even though there are no toilets at the restaurant, there are plenty of really good toilets in the area you can use.

Within 1 block, you have Wynyard station, the Ivy and GPO, all of which have world class accessible bathrooms, so don't hold back the drinks, have fun!

Great food, good service, would have easily rated a 4/5 if there was an accessible bathroom, but now it's more like a 3.


Phone: (02) 9262 2624

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