GET OUT AND HAVE FUN - Mary's Newtown

This place is awesome on so many levels. If you love burgers and live in Sydney, this place is a must - Mary's Burgers.

Get yourself to Newtown, by bus or train, don't drive. It is hellish trying to drive up or down King St, and good luck with parking. Even if you hit the parking jackpot and find that 1 in a million spot, the roads are busy and narrow, too many people, too many cars, transferring in and out of a wheelchair is just that bit too hard.

Now your google map took you onto the street where Mary's is supposed to be on, don't look for signs, because there is none. Mary's is inside this old chapel with closed doors, the only thing you can look out for is a little red light bulb. So take a deep breath, try your luck, you could be walking into any of the following:

1. Mary's burgers 2. Dusty old church 3. Some gathering place of a weird religious cult 4. A brothel 5. A BDSM club

If you did indeed find Mary's, you are in luck, walk through the shabby closed door into a death metal club.

Loud music, but still allows you to have a conversation. It's very dark in there, always dark.

There's just enough light for you to read the menu on the chalk board. A hand full of food choices and a gazillion more beverages.

Hey you are in Newtown, get your priorities straight! Mary's burger is of course the go to item, fried chicken is also a great hit with home made hot sauce. The amazing thing is that the chicken is never dry, right from wing tips to thick breast. Serve size isn't big, but hey...

They have a full bar here, and despite the old unruly appearance, this place has pretty awesome wheelchair access.

Roll straight in from the street level into the bar/ dining area. Find the door to all the toilets, this is a challenging task in a wheelchair or otherwise.The walls are so madly scribbled you have to look very hard to see the word 'toilet'.

FYI, it's next to the entrance.

Once through the toilet door, there are 3 doors from there, 2 on the left, one straight ahead. Again try to read the graffiti, otherwise take my words, just use the one straight ahead.

All things considered, the disabled toilet is quite spacious, it may look filthy, but that's just the decor, it's really very clean. Top notch!

Be careful in and out of those doors, there could be a lot of happy and drunk people coming through, many kick the doors open hard and fast, watch for toe injuries.

Awesome food, even better selection of beer, 5/5 wheelchair access, guaranteed a great day/ night out in Newtown.

Phone : 02 4995 9550




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