This place is not for the faint hearted. All you can eat Brazilian BBQ at Braza Darling Harbour!

It's situated on the new strip south of the old Cockle Bay precinct, general access is fantastic, all the restaurants there as far as we know are ramped up.

So take an accessible bus or a train to Townhall then make your way towards the water. Word of warning: there's a lift on every corner, but they are not always properly maintained.

From our experience, there's a good 30% chance that at least one of them is out of order in a given day. So if you find a bad lift, just go to the parallel street and there should be another one that will bring you down to the water front.

Alternatively come from Erskin Street, King St Wharf or Chinatown/Entertainment Centre. It's all flat with permanent ramps, zero risk.

Braza has both indoor and outdoor settings, both areas are accessible, however when it gets busy some areas are hard to get to. So ask for a table in front of the bar for a few reasons:

1. You can see what food is coming 2. They carve up the spit roasts right in front of you 3. Much easier to get to and from your table 4. You are close to the bathroom if you eat too much and have to throw up from either end 5. When they have dancers performing, you are much closer to the topless guys and samba girls

The food is awesome!

20+ perfectly cooked meats and seafood with 10+ sides including all your favourites like rump cap, pork belly, lamb, fish and prawns. Even the sides are generous, there are salsas, salads as well as beer battered chips and deep fried bananas.

To get the most out of your bucks, go on a Saturday and do the first sitting. You will enjoy the sight of full racks of skewers on the shelves ready to be cooked. They have drum guys and samba girls performing just when you are about to finish eating and ready to slow down a little.

Besides if you eat as much as I did, I’m sure you'd appreciate a few hours of rest before you feel comfortable enough to go out or go to bed.

The accessible bathroom is fantastic, they have electric doors installed that opens and locks with big buttons, spacious and cleverly set up.

There's a time restriction of about 2 hours. Trust me, that's more than you need to get so full you'd want to run out of the restaurant at the first thought of more meat. And once out of there, you'll see a patch of lawn.

Don't be afraid to lay down there until your body processes a little bit of your eating effort before you get going again.

Great food, wonderful access set up. Hands down one of the most accessible restaurants in the city, 5/5 for everything, of course unless you are a vegetarian or vegan.