GET OUT AND HAVE FUN - LP's Quality Meats

‘Vegetarian – Ancient tribal slang for the village idiot who can’t hunt, fish or ride’

If you subscribe to this, then LP’s Quality Meats is the spot for you.

Tucked away in dark laneways in the middle of nowhere, Chippendale, are some of the hottest trendy restaurants of the moment. LP’s Quality Meats is one of those for the caveman in you.

There are plenty of accessible public transport options to get you to Broadway, or at least Central station. From there, it’s a 5-10minute walk through the narrow streets of this interesting suburb.

You’ll go past art galleries that are too weird for my liking, the hottest bars that have no visible entrance and dodgiest looking petrol station Chinese takeaways that’ll almost guarantee instant weight loss.

If your chair is on the big side, you may have to go on the road at times, because the sidewalks are way to narrow with lots of poles.

Then you get to this spot. Wide doors, all flat, even comes with a friendly bouncer, so roll straight in people and let the feast begin!

The inside is extremely simple, like most of these hipster joints. There’s no carpet, easy to push and get around. Table height is low but bar stools are high, not ideal, however workable.

If smoky meat is your thing then this place is heaven. The beef short rib is to die for, even simple sides like homemade sourdough and corn are surprisingly delicious.

If you don’t know where to start, go for the platter. The sauces are delicious, and pickles are a must, their mustard is a bit funky for me, but since you don’t pay extra for it, just top up more of the other stuff.

If you are there with a good size group, why don’t you mix it up with some seafood too? Octopus is a not-so-fishy choice.

This place books out quickly, so make sure you reserve a table in advance.

The kitchen is more than happy to cut the meat up into small pieces before serving, but hey, who wants that? There’s that extra hint of wildness if you just grab the whole chunk and wolf it down.

The whole venue is well set up for easy access. The bathroom is spacious and practical, comes with a pot plant and a table for your bag, and get this… a scented candle.

The toilet seat comes with a soft padded back support cushion for all of us that don’t like leaning forward, and extra toilet paper is there too if you accidentally eat way too much meat for your digestive system.

Great food, good atmosphere, if it wasn’t a little too loud and crowded, I’d give it full marks.

All and all, 4/5 for the restaurant and 5/5 for access.


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