My name is Daniel and 10 years ago I was had an accident at my factory job. A sheet of steel about 1.5-2 meters long and 3 mm thick slipped off a clamp and swung. The corner of the sheet of steel hit me in the chest while I was on top of a ladder.

This resulted in a crushed disc and the moving of my vertebrae. To fix this, I had to have major spinal surgery to prevent paralysis. The surgery was a level 2 fusion of my L4, L5 & S1. After this I started a long but worthwhile road to recovery.

I had to learn to walk again and spent many hours in physiotherapy. The improvement wasn’t instant, but I became determined to keep going on the road to recovery. It was very hard but I knew I just had to keep going. As well as the physiotherapy I was going to the gym and doing swimming, hydrotherapy as well as weight and cardio training.

I also had work on the mind as well as my body, as I was fired from my job after the accident. Initially, all of these things produced a world of anger and distress. But I decided I would not let anyone but myself dictate my life. So I took charge of my recovery and continued working at it.

When I was younger I was rather overweight. At my largest I weighed 150 kg! But today, I am a qualified personal trainer and a remedial massage therapist. I love being active!

Recently, I qualified to start training for my black belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing and can also dead lift 160 kg.

I write this guest post because I want to tell people that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just need to keep moving forward.

This may sound strange, but looking back, I am actually glad that the accident happened. It has made me stronger and changed my outlook on life. In a way, I needed this life test so I could let all the anger and rage go.

Now, I am in a better place because of it. No more pain, no more anger, no more rage.