Edinburgh is one of a kind – this unique city, while being Scotland's capital and home to the Queen's official residence, is steeped in hearty yet quaint 'old-agey' charm. Roaming the city, against the backdrop of rolling hills and looming castles, is a true delight.

Here a few top activities that we recommend:

The Palace of Holyroodhouse. Positioned at one end of the Royal Mile, this working palace offers tours all year round – excluding the one week a year when the Queen is in town!

For a low entry fee you can tour the Royal dining room, ballroom, state rooms and bedroom and learn about the gory politics this building has witnessed.

​​Lifts and alternate routes are available, and the Royal gardens are particularly lovely to wander through at the end. For more details on the Palace of Holyroodhouse including accessibility, check out the link posted below.

The Royal Mile is absolutely unmissable - you can easily devote an entire day to uncovering its hidden gems and stories. We particularly advise seeking out the various FREE museums lining the street.

The Edinburgh Museum and The People’s Story Museum are both located near the Palace, are riveting, free and run by friendly and helpful staff! Disabled bathrooms and lifts are available in both.

Transport: The Edinburgh Lothian bus system is excellent - punctual, regular, spacious and the bus drivers are always happy to point out certain stops or help you with your route. Most buses are equipped with wheelchair ramps and parking spaces inside.

When exploring the beautiful streets of Edinburgh, the roads' famed cobblestones can pose a challenge. However, the foot paths themselves are generally smooth, wide and easily traversed.

(Definitely check out the shopping on Princess St and the numerous pubs, free museums and fudge stores (pictured left) lining the Royal Mile!)

Palace of Hollyroodhouse Website