In the centre of the old part of Darwin city sits a charming hotel: the Cavenagh (locally known as ‘The Cav). It has the traditional ‘Aussie Hotel’ set up, pub at the front, accommodation at the back, and to add a little tropical touch, they put this massive swimming pool right down the middle!

The Cav is ideal if you are looking for beer, steak, sports on TV, accessibility and a taste of real Darwin.

There is plenty of on street parking at the front of the pub or you can grab an accessible taxi or car, and you can get dropped off right in front of the ramp.

You can relax both indoors and outdoors. And it’s all flat, so not a single step in sight! The accessible toilets in the pub are also very spacious, so that’s a big plus.

The Cav has a very well ranked bistro that specialises in steaks. Each night, they put their best cuts out in a glass display cupboard. This usually includes a damn impressive 1.2kg tomahawk.

There are also lighter meals and snacks available for those of you that are less adventurous with your food choices.

There are separate menus for Breakfast, Lunch, Late Bites and Dinner in addition to a variety of drinks. So, in other words: plenty to choose from!

If you get too drunk to wheel yourself home after a big night, not a problem, there’s an accessible room out the back on the ground floor complete with a perfectly set up bathroom and shower.

The bathroom is huge, it has a hand held shower head, a flip down shower bench as well as all basic amenities such as soap and towels. One word of complaint though, the door handles are round. When are people going to learn that is a bad idea for some!?

At around $100 a night, the accommodation is on the cheap side. It is quite simple but hey, its $100, and all the expected conveniences are there! Overall, the room is clean and big enough for my power chair to move around.

It has a small TV, a bar fridge and basic tea/coffee facility. The window opens to a little courtyard that hasn’t been maintained for quite some time, but looking past the untamed bush you could see the pool and all the happy holiday makers.

The motto of the Cav is ‘eat, stay, play’ and it certainly delivers on what it promises! Great food, prime location and readily available accessible accommodation. Keeping in mind the minor problems I have mentioned, there is nothing stopping you from having an awesome stay at this local jewel.