Simmer Huang sits in the midst of the relatively new district shopping centre in Chatswood. A conveniently located Chinese Hotpot restaurant, Simmer Huang is a great little place for all of you lovers of spicy food! The accessibility of this venue is also of a very high standard.

Considering its prime location, getting there should be a breeze. If going during peak shopping hours, your best bet is to catch a train to Chatswood station and continue down Victoria Ave. Driving there is also possible, but, as expected, parking can get somewhat problematic. The bus is another viable option, so there are many ways you can get there.

Inside, Simmer Huang has a plush yet modern interior. The large windows provide plenty of natural light during the day and during the evenings the room lit subtly, providing a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. There are no major barriers to accessibility that came to my notice.

The corridors both in the shopping centre and the restaurant are spacious; and lifts/ramps are available wherever they may be required. However, you may want to watch out for some of those sharp turns! In order to arrive at Simmer Huang, you must make a rather sharp turn to the left.

There are no problems with the bathrooms. Ample space to move around, hand rails where the need to be and, most importantly everything is clean and new!

Simmer Huang has a relatively novel way of placing orders, which has become popular in many Sydney joints over the last couple of years. Each table has a sheet, listing all the orders; and you are required to tick your desired meals.

However, please note that there is the option to order food verbally if you have any issues with the box system. In my experience, friendly staff are always kind and obliging!

The menu is as interesting as it is diverse. There are a variety of dishes including soups, hotpot and well as other noodle/rice based dishes. Ordering the noodles as a particularly interesting experience, as they are hand stretched right at your table!

At approximately $70 for two people, Simmer Huang is in the moderate price range. Nevertheless, it is a restaurant of great quality and is perfect for all lovers of spicy food. Yes, spicy food. The vast majority of the dishes are quite hot so keep that in mind! That being said, even if you like your food more mild, there is no reason why you should sit this one out. I am certain that the staff will be more than happy to discuss your options and alternatives.

In general, I had a great experience at Simmer Huang Chatswood. Accessibility, atmosphere, service and food get a big thumbs up from me! I’d even go as far as to say that this place is a must have experience for any aspiring Sydney Foodie.

Accessibility 5/5

Bathrooms 5/5

Food 5/5

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