My first year in the wheelchair came and went, with my future completely wiped off my life. I pondered and questioned, where was all this going? They say God has a plan for everyone. Is his plan for me really just insomnia, medical complications and a community of miserable old men?

If so, was death, perhaps a better option? Another year, another many months of nothing.

I hoped every minute that things would just go back to the way they were, I hoped and prayed. As I spent all this time hoping, life was passing me by, nothing was getting better.

Between the 4 walls of my tiny room in the housing commission property, time doesn't exist. Things have been the same for that many decades, why would it be any different now?

​​Routine is such a killer of happiness, it gives you the comfort of familiarity and a fails sense of control.

While watching countless nights of infomercials, I started to crave change. I didn't really know what's possible, but I decided anything, ANYTHING is better than this.

I started to venture out of the house, engaged a physio to help with recovery and went back to university.

But if you think those things marked the turning point of my life, you are making the same mistake I did.Everyone wants a good life, but few are willing to work for it.

We as humans like to hope and pray but seldom put in enough hard work for the things we want. Like people expect to lose weight by buying an expensive gym membership, I engaged the most expensive physio I could afford.

​​She came to me twice a week and for a long time, I crossed my fingers and hoped that her knowledge and experience would make me walk again. That was never going to happen.

Even though I wanted it so bad and paid up for therapy, what I came to realise is nothing replaces hard work.

There's no shortcut in life. You want something, you work for it.

A physio may give you 2 hours of therapy a week, but the rest of the time your body is just wasting away. By the time stem cell treatment fixes your spinal cord, your bones will be so brittle and muscles will be so wasted that your body will shatter if you tried to walk. With the guidance of my physio, I converted my 2 hours per week physio program to a 7 days per week 9-5 workout program. Money was limited back then for my program. I gave up shopping, gave up travel and all things not vital to survival. Sometimes even food.

It was hell. I'm not gonna lie. However it gave me a purpose for tomorrow, gave me hope for the unknown. There's no shortcut in life.

Miracles don't happen by themselves. While we sit back and wait for medical treatments to save us.

I ask, will I be ready when the day comes?