Adina waterfront apartments are located in the midst of the modern, and fun-filled Darwin waterfront. As it is part of an internationally renowned chain of hotels and apartments, I came with the expectation of receiving international-standard service. And I wasn’t disappointed!

If you fly to Darwin, your best bet is to catch a taxi straight from the airport. Many taxi services operating in Darwin provide wheelchair accessible options, which is a big plus. Beware though, if you are on a tight schedule it is vital that you ensure your taxi arrives on time.

Mine got to the airport much later than expected; and perhaps that is very much related to the laid back nature of the city in general. One way to overcome this inconvenience is to arrange the taxi to arrive a little earlier than you expect to come out. That way, you can hop right in and be on your way!

Throughout your stay, expect a welcoming 4 star experience. The staff are friendly and obliging. There is so much to do in this great location, but if you are not sure, take advantage of their local knowledge. Overall, the interiors are relatively modern.

There are several international standard access lifts. They are quick and spacious, which is the main thing. The room itself is modern and comfy. It has a typical hotel layout: a bedroom and an adjacent bathroom. There is plenty of space to turn around. The accessible bathroom has everything that is required (hand rails, low sink etc).

Although it is very close to the beach, there are also several swimming facilities, although they are not affiliated with Adina. Nearby, there is a regular swimming pool and a wave pool, which is right outside the front door.

By far, the best thing about staying at Adina is the fabulous view. When you look across the wave pool, you can see right to the ocean. If you get a room with a balcony, it’s especially lovely! It’s a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.

If you feel like something heartier, be sure to visit one of the several cafes in the building. In general, the food is of high quality. Although the bars can sometimes get noisy, the area is generally peaceful, as it is outside of the city. As far as city accommodation goes, I’d say it is great for both travelling professionals and families.

At around $250 a night, Adina is in the moderate-high price range. But keep in mind that it’s in a prime location and is just metres away from a myriad of cafés, shops, restaurants and beaches. The city centre can even be accessed by a skywalk! Feel free to decide for yourself whether the extra cost is worth saved travel time.

Access 5/5

Accommodation 4/5

Service 5/5